Part 5. Glenn Martinez of Olomana Gardens teaching how to build barrelponics.

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Published on Oct 18, 2014

Glenn continues his teaching on how to build the barrelponics. Part 5


Randy Sabessar says:

Thanks for the education in aquaponics systems,,,, look foward to leaning more

Your welcome Randy,

Stay tune to the new versions of aquaponics improvements as we get them filmed.


ferdinand says:

Hi Glen,

I am from Philippines, and want to learn more about your system, I wonder what kind of pump you are using and how or where to buy? Thank you,

Aloha Ferdinand,

Glenn has an aquaponics manual where he talks about our aquaponics system and that one contains the pipe in a pipe pump. That manual sells for $50.
Then Glenn has his patent air lift pump for $100. And that one has several air lift pump deign, parts list, examples.
Let me know if you are interested and then I can paypal you.


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