Airlift Pump Systems for Aquaponics, Aquaculture and Home

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Published on Aug 11, 2013

In an attempt to promote and improve the economics, safety and security of our aquaponic systems we started developing efficient airlift-pumping technology that will replace both water pumps and air pumps that were dedicated only to air stones. This video is part of the Ben, Glenn & Aquazen show. In the “Aquaponics: New Paradigm Shift with Airlift” webinars hosts by the eXtension community, we wish to present a variety of airlift pumping systems that can be used for aquaponics, backyard and commercial farming. We regularly have presentation via webinars where we go through the various airlift pump systems that were developed by Glenn Martinez of Olomana Garden and then concentrate then on the “How To” of each system.
Find our 2013 Webinar Schedule at:
To learn more about aquaponics and aquaculture join the Aquaculture Training On-Line Learning (ATOLL), where Glenn Martinez serves as our Aquaponics Teacher:
Tetsuzan Benny Ron, Ph.D.
Aquaculture Specialist at HNFAS, CTAHR, UH Manoa…


Giovanni Carlo says:


Can I ask for the airlift diagram and design? thanks



Glenn has a air lift patent manual that sells for $100. In this manual it has the patent pending air lift pumps with the description, diagrams, and parts list to make his pumps. If that is what you are interested in email
You will have all the information then.

Damien says:

How do you connect the hose to a normal air pump?

I cut a 6 inch piece of water hose that is a reasonable fit, and then use a stainless steel clamp.
Then I put a MALE garden hose repair end on the hose. Then on my hose to my airlift pump I put a FEMALE on BOTH ends of the long garden hose. On the airlift I put a MALE PCVC garden hose fitting.
So MALE on air pump and air lift, hose connecting them is two female fittings.
So on my farm, I can change ANY air pump with no tools int he dark even.
Think about it, the garden hoses have washers, and are made to hold 60psi f water pressure. Our air pumps put out less that 5 psi..

We use garden hoses with the stainless steel hose clamp. Then on the other side of the 3 or 4 inch hose we put on a female garden hose fitting.
if you need a picture of it let me know?

michael says:

i would love to have any and all pics that can help me build this out

Aloha Michael,

Glenn has an aquaponics manual that we sell for $50. Glenn talks about aquaponics in this manual and includes the pipe in a pipe air lift pump. Glenn also has the air lift pump manual which includes his patent application air lift pumps for $100.
You may order them on our webpage in the Store tab and look for the ebooks there.

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