Uploaded on Oct 3, 2011 July 30th 2011, Olomana Gardens We made an demonstration kit that shows how the aquaponics functions by using clear or transparent parts. Check it out!
In this 60 minute film you will learn about permaculture as practiced by Olomana Gardens in Waimanalo, Hawaii. Learn the basics of vermi-composting and aquaponics from an expert on the subject of sustainable agriculture. Glenn [More]
Published on Jul 27, 2012 First viewing of Glenn Martinez’ Air Lift Pump
Uploaded on Jan 4, 2011 Fish tank in middle in the ground, eight 5 gallon buckets with bio-filter medium, central tower is bucket siphon. This bucket carousal aquaponics was created before leaving to go to [More]
Uploaded on Jan 4, 2011 Building a PORTABLE demonstration aquaponic system weighs under 70 pounds travels as airline luggage
Uploaded on Jan 4, 2011 New Project 1 This project was created when Glenn and Natalie was going to the Philippines. Thinking that they have a lot of five gallon buckets. The name of this [More]
Uploaded on Dec 29, 2010 This is a three table system with bucket system controler