Glenn Martinez of Olomana Gardens had to come up with a way to make safe manure compost tea. This is he’s discovery to sterilize and kill the bad pathogens from the compost. Check it out? [More]
Glenn has created a vermi-compost tea maker that brews straight into the aquaponics system. Pretty cool stuff.
Glenn Martinez has built his project with water going up 16 feet high. With limited water height using a water submergible pump and blasting up joined by a air pump. Check it out and tell [More]
Glenn just discovered this new way of making the air lift pump works with just his secret weapon. Check it out, now?
Glenn has his demonstration unit to take to Brisbane to show the attendees how to use an airlift pump to move the water in an aquaponics system. It’s an event that you won’t want to [More]
Glenn Martinez of Olomana Gardens will explain the mini watering device that he came up with to water your garden tower from the inside up. Take a look at what he does with the mini [More]
Okay Everyone, These are the reasons why Glenn Martinez of Olomana Gardens came up with using an air pump to move water in our aquaponics system. Take a look and let me know what you [More]
Published on Oct 18, 2014 Glenn continues his teaching on how to build the barrelponics. Part 5